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Our story unfolds on the vibrant streets  of NYC, where Sam and Amerelle are attending the exclusive Henden School of Harmonics.  Sam, a shy and timid young adult, is afraid to venture out of her imagination and interact with any of her classmates.  Amerelle is a mysterious loner who drifts through a monochromatic world, cloaked in shades of black and white.

Journey through  an enchanting tale as these two beautifully contrasting individuals are paired up together to work on the upcoming music festival.  As they unwittingly uncover hidden chapters of Sam's father's story, they are catapulted into a quest bridging the divide between past and present.  The unlikely duo continues to work together, and a wonderful 

friendship blossoms, mending their wounded hearts with the power of their shared adventure.  Sam begins to tap into the strength and courage she buried deep inside herself for so long, while Amerelle learns to approach the world with color and emotions.

Witness this extraordinary story, where connection and loss intertwine creating a transformative experience allowing Sam and Amerelle to embrace their true selves.  Prepare to be transported as their intricate dance of discovery illuminates the

darkest corners of their beings, painting an indelible picture of resilience and strength, splashing a kaleidoscope of hope

onto a world  yearning for healing and connection, exposing the true beauty that lies within.

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